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Hello All Members and Readers!!!

It has been a long enough of break from any racing talk, now we have to get started on preparing for the up coming season. The club held their Annual General Meeting & Awards Banquet on Oct. 24th. and we had a great turn out and a wonderful time. I want to say Thank You to Bob Griffin for a great job on the banquet and all he has done for the club last season. THANK YOU BOB!

The Annual meeting was before the banquet and the elections for 2016 Brd. was held. The 2016 Granite State Mini Sprint Board positions will be held by :

President Troy Boissoneau
Vice President John Scarborough
Secretary Nadeen Coates
Treasure Jennifer Berry
Head of Tech Sean Beinhaur
Members at Large Gary Siemons
Dean Hanson
Mike Pittman
Tim Beard
Scott Bachand

Congratulations to all and Thank you for serving as board members to help the club continue growing. The new board has their 1st meeting coming up on Dec 5th at 11:00 am at Lake Opechee Inn and Spa in Laconia.
Address : 62 Doris Ray Court Laconia NH 03246

The Agenda for the meeting is :
1) Practice Day
2) Schedule
3) Car Shows
4) Update Car # List
5) Media Stuff
6) Web Site
7) Twitter / Face Book Pages
8) Sponsor Promotions / Advertising
9) Race Programs / Fan promotion items
10) Inventory of Club Items and Needs
11) Cost of Car Shows / Web Site / and others
12) Open Floor

From Club President

Well another season has come and gone. Although the car count may not have been as robust as we would have liked we definitely had some fantastic wheel to wheel racing. The competition level was high with many winners in the 600 division. The 500 division did not have as many different winners but the racing from 2nd back was fierce. So as we crown our champions and rookies of the year we look forward already to next year.

So, with the season at an end it is time to crown our new champions. One champion won eight races while the other was consistent in finishes coming close to a victory but never getting in victory lane. Join me in congratulating Matt Hoyt and Tony Shaw who won the championships of the 500's and the 600 divisions respectively.

Tony Shaw was the epitome of consistency. He did not win a race but was constantly in the top 4 or 5 throughout the year. He saw the division grow from 2 cars up to our largest show of 12 cars but, every week he was there racing hard and finishing the races. He saw competition from Kyle Belliveau early on then Tim Beard made a run at him and finished off with the veteran Rich Crooker taking a shot at Tony. They may have won the races but Tony took the years' crown for himself. Great job Tony, can't wait to see defend your crown next year.

Matthew Hoyt showed the 500 division what domination was all about. He dominated from the first green flag until the last checkered flag winning 8 of 14 races. As the year went on and the competition grew tougher and so did Matt. His first competition for wins was Thomas Chaffee, who won 3 races, but Tom could not hold up to the pressure as he blew motor after motor. Tom finally ran out of motors ending his season prematurely and preparing his son Riley for next year. Incidentally, Riley looks to be fast once he gets used to the car. Then Bob Griffin attempted to take some of Matt's glory winning 3 races as well. Bob finished the season strong finishing in the top three the last 6 races.

Other competition for Matt throughout the year was Shawn King in the 4 car. You knew every week he would be vying for a top 5 finish. Then of course there was the young up and coming superstar in Tanner Seimons. Tanner in the 5 car got faster and faster as the season progressed. Tanner is the type of driver that would study you and then take advantage of your weakness. He should be a strong competitor for the championship next year.

As the competition of the championship wore on I would be remised if I did not mention our two rookies of the year. These two guys are polar opposites. One is an older gentleman racing his 500 cc car to fifth place in the overall championship. While the other, was a young man taking to the 600 like a fish to water. Both Eddie Puffinburger and Ben Bachand did a phenomenal job with their respective cars with Eddie winning the 500 division and with Ben winning the 600 rookie of the year.

Ben came close to winning in the 600 division multiple times finishing second many times over. From the first time he got in the 600 until the last lap of the last race, Ben was showing some of the veterans how to navigate that dirt monster. He showed us that these kids really have no fear. He was flat footing it as much as he could racing the veterans like Rich Crooker, Kyle Belliveau and Tim Beard giving them everything he had and making it very difficult for them to pass him.

Meanwhile is the 500 division Eddie Puffinburger showed us you are only as old as you feel. He took his 500 and finished well every race. He would make his car as wide as he could making it very difficult to pass. Eddie looked like he was having a blast out there. He always had a smile and couldn't wait until the next race. Glad to have you Eddie, hope to see you next year.

Like I stated previously the season has all but ended. We have the end of year banquet and annual meeting slated for October 24th at the Fireside Inn. The Meeting is at 3. Everyone should attend to vote for new officers. I guess this is the time that I have to say I reluctantly will be stepping away from the presidency. I would like to thank everyone for their support and thank you to all the drivers/car owners for coming to race with the Granite State Mini Sprints.

We accomplished some firsts for the club this year. We have electronic lineups, needs some work, but really it really helped. The club now owns all the tools to tech cars. Armand Boisvert, a special thank you to you, who donated some of the tools and actually made a tool for tech of the 500 motors. We started a new annual event this year with the Lenny West Memorial race weekend. It was a big hit with the specialized trophies, hopefully; the new regime will keep it going listing the winners at each track on the respective trophies for years to come. We also, had for the first time a race coordinator who runs the line ups and takes care of other race day needs.

I would to thank everyone on the board for being available to help the club. Being a volunteer only situation you need people who are dedicated to the craft. Thank you to Dennis McLeod, for running our website this year. Thank you to O'Reilly Auto Parts for being our title sponsor for the second year. Hope to have you on board for next year.

Also, to Nadine Coates THANK YOU for coordinating all the races this year. Nadine was only supposed to coordinate races at Legion Speedway only, but she ended up helping out at Bear Ridge as well. Without you Nadine I fear the season would have been disaster. THANK YOU NADINE SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! Again, thank you to everyone who made the 2015 season such a success.

I hope to see you all on October 24th starting at 3 at the fireside Inn with the banquet to follow at 6. Remember that membership pricing for that day will be reduced from $50.00 to $40.00 one day only. So come out and renew your memberships.

Thank you for all your help and a great season
Robert Griffin


Season Closer

Images courtesy of Alan Ward - Big Al's Photography

So, we've reached that time. Yes, I hate to say it; we have reached the end of our season (sobbing uncontrollably). It was an absolutely beautiful race day at Bear Ridge. Not a cloud in the sky, cool weather, just a beautiful New England day. We had pretty good car counts for the last race of the season. I think twelve 500's and the same for 600's. Higher numbers would be much better though. Let's get out there and recruit the ones that aren't showing up and even new members. We had several potential 500 buyers in the pits this week combing over the cars that are for sale. We need to actively recruit these people and get them involved and make them feel welcomed. Please if you see people like this let them mill around your car offer them a hand in understanding what we do, how we do it and generally any info to have them take an interest in the club. We would love to have them even if they aren't drivers but want to be involved! If you don't know how to talk with them or are too busy, please send them my way, I will talk with them and help them out.

If you folks haven't noticed, we have several teenaged men and women in the club that are all developing interests in "other" things. Racing is still very important to these members but they are going to move on which will lower our car counts. Hopefully they come back after college, schools, girlfriends, social lives etc. but we need that count to stay high so we can continue to race and put on a good show.

Wow, what a year for me. I have been exposed to one of the coolest things I have ever done and of recent even cooler was running the 600 class. I have met some of the nicest most willing to help people of my life who I didn’t even know 8 months ago. This has been a life changing event for me. I can't thank all the members who have helped me enough for showing me the way and how it goes in this racing stuff. I would like to send out a personal thank you to Scott Bachand, Ben and Bob Griffin for always answering the phone and showing me the ropes for all of the mini sprint stuff, great guys that should be modeled after and ambassadors of this club. Bob Griffin specifically has dedicated a tremendous amount of time behind the scenes trying to bring the club up to "snuff" deserves a thank you from all! Another thank you to Ernie, Bob's dad for working so hard on the sponsorships and being an ambassador between Bear Ridge and GSMSRC, thank you Ernie! Lastly, lets all thank Nadine Coates for all the hard work she put into the line-ups for this year. She was at nearly every race and even came to one sick as a dog to get the job done. She deserves a HUGE thank you!! Please extend it to her if you see her. And generally thank you to all the members that had stepped up during the season when others couldn't. I still say one of the greatest memberships I have ever had!

Ok off to the racing stuff. What a fun night at BR. Time trials were a lot of fun! Bob Griffin scorched it with the fastest time on paper. We had the usual suspects in the top with Shawn King, Tanner, Matt all being in the top. A surprise contender in time trials was Colby Beinhaur. Although he has being hanging out in the back for the season, he finished 5th in the time trials, he will be a hopeful contender next year.

The feature produced a much different story. It was a great race with Ben Bachand leading almost the entire feature. Ben where were you all year; man it was like you hair was on fire when you were driving at this race. Matt Hoyt challenged Ben the entire race! One of the best features I’ve seen all year. Tanner Seimens battled his way through the pack heading towards the front but couldn’t quite get up there. Tanner and Bob were battling it out every step of the way up to the front but weren’t able to catch Ben and Matt. In the end Matt overtook Ben with just a few laps to go taking the checkered for the last time of this year with Ben being 2nd and Bob with strong third all the way from the back.

Will Ordway showed up being a "suitcase" driver for Sean Beinhaur in the 72 car with Wills #39 on it. I think we finally got Will to swing to a 500! He was grinning from ear to ear when he came off the track and just kept saying Wow! Imagine if was in Bob or Matts car! We had some late arrivals at the track with Kyle Pittman showing his muster again with a football game before the race, showing up getting in his car running some laps and then running the feature. This young man is truly dedicated! Way to go Kyle! No major accidents on the track, in general just rubbing and racing.

In the 600 class we had a new comer #91 Mick D'Agostino show up and take the fast time in time trials with Jon Scarbourough right behind him. The field was packed with some true talent. Ben Bachand continues to push his way to the front against stiff competition. Rich Crocker lead a hard race with a 2nd place finish in the feature with Scarbourough Motorsports coming in 3rd. Ultimately the newcomer Mick #91 took the checkered in the feature. Now we just need to rope him into the club. LOL. I drove a 600 for the first time and all I can say is Oh My God!! I will never be back in a 500 if I can help it. I will run last place in a 600 all season long. What an adventure. I can't wait till next year. I left a brown stain all the way around the track from @^#% my pants. Wow!! It's like a drug driving one of those things. We had a couple of spin-outs but no majors accidents in the 6's. All was good.

In the end it was a great season. I learned a lot and have a lot more to learn! The club overall fared well and continues to have a good following. We have our last meeting before the banquet to take care of any business and elect new officers. Please start focusing on people that you would like to see in the offices that will provide for long term benefits of the club. The offices as they currently exist are: President, Vice President, Secretary, treasurer, Head of Tech, two assistant techs and I believe 4 members at large. These positions are very important and could dictate a successful club or club failure please put some thought into these positions when making your selections.

My role, I will not be pursuing the position of secretary for next year. In my opinion this position needs to be filled with a non-racing member. There is no time to actually do what the position requires while at the track. Outside of that it is a role that can be achieved. This is why Nadine deserves ccuuudddooossss for her bang up job this year. I have learned a lot this year and do plan on a long term membership with this club. I hope to see active recruitment for next year and I am glad to take part in that as long as others show up and help support the cause.

Thank you,
Sean Beinhaur #72



GSMSRC is recommending the use of neck restraints. Rick Balla is able to get discounts on various neck restraint systems. If interested please Contact Rick at 603.398.2027.


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