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Bear Ridge Track Conditions



Robert Griffin and John Scarborough Add Another Win to Their Racing Careers

Posted 2016-06-28 at 19:14

The weather was hot and so was the action at Bear Ridge Speedway on Saturday night. The 500's sent out the 1st heat with #71 Owen Carbee and # 72 Cody Pitman making up the front row. When the cars rolled out of turn 4 the green waved and every one put the hammer down and by the time the field was entering turn 1 most cars were already trading spots with Owen taking the lead. It was a fast 10 laps with # 5 Tanner Siemons taking the win and the 2 cars that stood out were # 92 Robert Griffin and # 7 Brent Warren coming from the back to finish in the top 4. The # 71 Owen Carbee and # 51 Riley Chaffee had mechanical problems dropping them to the rear and # 51 Riley Chaffee was not able to make the feature race.

The 2nd 500 Heat rolled out with # 02 Briana Akusis and # 17 Matt Calley leading the pack to the green. Heat 2 had as much action as the 1st heat with some great wheel to wheel driving. There was also some stand outs in this heat with # 60 Kyle Pitman, # 05 Kyle Belliveau and # 24 Joe Kemp coming from the back to make up the top 3 and the # 24 of Joe Kemp took the top spot. # 96 Driven by Matt Collins almost went for a wild ride when he caught a rut in turn 3 but he was able to keep control bouncing from one side to the other but was able to steady the ship to finish 5th and not on the hook. Nice Save

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The 600 Heat rolled off with # 61 John Scarborough and # 15 Kyle Belliveau licking the chops wondering who is going to get to the front 1st. Row 2 saw # 83 John Mills and # 21 Richard Crooker, and row 3 , # 98 Jillian Badger and # 20 Tony Shaw are right on the front rows tail waiting for the green. The green flag waved and # 61 John S. Jumped on the lead with the pack right there. A few laps in # 15 Kyle Belliveau caught a rut in turn 2 and sent him spinning causing the 1st and only yellow opening the door for # 21 Richard Crooker.

The restart had # 61 John S. jumping back in the lead and left # 21 Richard C. and # 83 John Mills battling hard for 2nd with # 98 Jillian Badger and # 20 Tony Shaw seeing who's going to be 4th. # 21 Richard C. caught the same rut in turn 3 that # 96 Matt in the 500's hit and Richard was able to save it and still hold on to 2nd. When the checkered flag fell # 61 John Scarborough took home 1st place then # 21 Richard Crooker 2nd, # 83 John Mills 3rd, # 20 Tony Shaw 4th, # 98 Jillian Badger 5th, # 15 Kyle Belliveau 6th and # 7 Ben Mertelle DNS.

17 500's rolled out for their feature race. The front 2 cars were the # 05 Kyle Belliveau and # 60 Kyle Pitman ready to pick up were they left of in the heat. Row 2 with # 17 Matt Calley and # 92 Robert griffin and Row 3 with # 5 Tanner Siemons and # 4 Shawn King are lined up behind both Kyle's looking to steel the top spot. The large field rolled out of turn 4 looking at the green flag and charged into turn 1 with a lot of hungry drivers going for it. # 05 Kyle B. jumped on the early lead followed by # 60 Kyle P. , # 92 Robert G. and # 4 Shawn K for a few laps. Then # 92 Robert G. charge to the front taking the lead from Kyle B. and never looked back. Most of the feature the fans saw 2 wide and 3 wide racing all over the track and the race had 1 early yellow for a spin. The next caution came out when car # 02 of Briana Akusis and # 24 Joe Kemp and # 4 Shawn King came together in turn 2 sending the # 02 and # 24 to the pits early.

# 92 Robert Griffin went on to win the 500 feature by holding off # 05 Kyle Belliveau in 2nd, then # 60 Kyle Pitman, # 7 Brent Warren, # 4 Shawn King, # 5 Tanner Siemons, # 17 Matt Calley, # 18 Adam Cunningham, # 71 Owen Carbee, # 88 Brandon Emerson, # 96 Matt Collins, # 24 Joe Kemp DNF, # 12 Colby Beinhaur DNF, # 02 Briana Akusis DNF, # 13 Terry Balla, # 54 Willy Pinkham DNF

The 600 feature had # 83 John Mills and # 20 Tony Shaw lead them on to the track minus # 21 Richard Crooker because of engine issues but did pick up # 7 Ben Mertelle.

# 83 John M. slow out of turn 4 leading the field to the green and pulled the early lead into turn 1. John held on for a few laps while # 15 Kyle B. and # 61 John S. battled to see who was going to try for John and the top spot. John S. grabbed 2nd from Kyle then went after John M. and in a few more laps John S. caught and passed John M. bringing Kyle B. with him. During this whole time # 20 Tony S. and # 98 Jillian B. were hope for a mistake from any of them but the race went green to checked. When the checkered fell # 61 John Scarborough took home his 3rd win followed by # 15 Kyle Belliveau, # 83 John Mills, # 20 Tony Shaw, # 98 Jillian Badger, and a strong finish on his 1st night out # 7 Ben Mertelle

The club will be back in action on July 8th at Legion Speedway and July 9th at Bear Ridge Speedway both nights will be the Len West Memorial Races. We hope every body comes out to support the club and enjoy some great racing action.

******* We hope every body has a Safe and Happy 4th of July *******



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