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Attention All Readers!

Happy New Years Hope every body had a Safe and Happy holidays. Now its time to Rock and Roll to get ready for the next season.

The board held their 2nd meeting and went over a lot of preseason subjects like Car shows, vendor lists, printing schedules etc.

The meeting started with the treasurers report, secretary's report then went on to the meat and potatoes of the meeting.

1) Alan Ward : We are haven Alan Ward print our schedules and will be talking to him more about him working with us again this season with Race pics, Media write-ups and more.

2) Nadine has updated the member ship list to open up numbers for new members to have and delete old members that have not been a member for a while.
If you are an older member and still want your old # you need to get your member ship form in ASAP or your number may be given away to a new member.

3) Member ship Packages will be put together and sent out to you when Nadine receives your member ship application.
New Members Package: member ship card, schedule, intro letter, race uniform patch, Tech Sht., Rule book
Current Member: Same as New member except Patch and rule book

4) We are looking to put a Vendor Page on the web site to help New members and old to find web site pages that have a lot of our parts and more.

5) Car Shows: We are going to be attending the Race-A-Rama show in West Springfield MA. on Feb 26-28. We are going to get a 20 x 20 booth. Nadine will be getting our info in.

We are looking for 2 500's and 2 600's to put in the booth. If you are looking to show off your new paint or get your sponsors name out there, this would be the perfect time to do so. If you are interested in displaying your car please let Troy Boissoneau 603-714-4445 know ASAP so we can get you in.

Sean Beinhaur will be getting info on having a car show at the Lowe's store in Concord NH.

Troy B. will be getting info on a car show at the Lilac Mall in Rochester NH

6) The Board agreed to have All Cars mark their Minimum Class weight on the bottom right corner of the right side panel of top wing. Ex. 250 class 650 on bottom corner of wing

7) Nadine went over how line ups will go.
Heats : you will draw a # out of the bucket when you sign in and the lowest # is pole in A heat. Then next lowest # will be the pole of the B heat. the third lowest # goes on out side pole of A heat. The 4th lowest # will be out side pole of B heat and so on.

Feature: The A heat is the inside row and B heat is the out side row of the feature.
If there is 12 or more cars in feature the top ? cars will redraw for positions.
If there is 11 or less cars we will redraw the top 6 spots
If there is 6 or less cars we will redraw the top 3 spots
If you sign in at hot laps / practice you are considered late and will be put in the back of the heats in front of rookies.

8) The board is giving a shout out to every one to take pics of your cars as you work on them and post it on the face book page so others see that their not the only ones that are behind the 8 ball. It is also great to see what every body is doing to prepare for the up coming season.

9) More up dates and changes to the website coming. So keep an eye out and visit the web site to see all updates.

10) Next Board Meeting is March 6th in Laconia at the Inn

11) If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me or any board member. We will do our best to get you an answer.

Hope every body is hard at work on their cars and having a safe winter so far.

Thank You,
Troy B.


Dec 5th Board Meeting

First board meeting of the official season is under our belts. Overall, a productive meeting, several topics were discussed, decisions made, and we carried over a few topics to our next meeting in January.

Our ground breaking start to the season will be our practice day at Legion speedway on April 23rd. If we happen to get rained out, the makeup day will be May 1st.

We would like to bring together the entire club on this day. We will be having a family style outing, give everyone a chance to get together, talk about the off season and enjoy some food together before the season fully gets under way. We will be teching cars, the track will be fully available for all members who wish to practice and strongly encouraged for all rookies. We will be going over flag meanings for all rookies as well as helping them get adjusted to their cars. We have decided as a club that we will be offering 5 points for all drivers who attend. Each of the drivers will have their picture taken for their driver profile picture that will be on our website as well as on the programs each week.

Having parts you are looking to pass on to other club members or looking for parts for your car? As much as it's not ideal to wait until 2 weeks before the season starts, the reality is....we all do. We will also be having a swap meet in the pit area during practice day. Mark your calendars now and come join the club for practice day. Start time and further details will be posted when it gets a little closer.

This season we will have 15 scheduled point events with 2 drop races. If we run less than 12 events then we will only have 1 dropped race.

As all of you know, our club will only be able to grow if we are all actively promoting it. With this being said, we talked about a few car/trade shows to tentatively put on the books.

On January 29th & 30th there is the racers expo in Marlboro, MA Initially the board decided that the cost to attend this show would be unreasonable and money would be best spent in other places. Although after further discussion, Troy is going to see if we can get the cost down. At this time, the attendance for this show is on hold until further review.

On February 26th, 27th, and 28th there is the Race-a-Rama expo in Springfield, MA. As many of you know, this has always been a great promoter and there is allot of exposure with this event. After further review, the cost may be a little higher than anticipated. Therefore, this show is also being put on hold until we can get specifics on cost for us.

On April 30th, Bear Ridge speedway is having their annual car show at the Home Depot in Lebanon. Also on this day Legion speedway is having their practice day and car show. We are requesting that we have at least a few cars at BOTH events. In past years Bear Ridge has had practice day after their annual car show, although you can't practice if you don't attend the show. Keep this in mind but further details will be available as we know them.

On February 13th, O'Reilly Auto Parts will be having a new store opening in Brattleboro, VT.

These are only tentative dates that we are working on at this time. The board is looking for further promoting opportunities within NH, VT, MA, and ME. If you come across something that may be beneficial for the club, get with one of the board members or members at large so we can take advantage of these opportunities.

The board has addressed the issue of previous car numbers that were reserved but never ran. Nadine will be going through the list of members. According to the rule book, we only hold car numbers for one year of inactivity. (For exact explanation on this, please see the rule book). Any numbers that have been inactive for longer than 1 year will become available as of March 15th. Preference for these "newly available" numbers will be in the order that the application was received unless decided otherwise by the board at a later time.

Media is the main form of exposure/promotion for the club. We have come up with a few leads as to where we would like to promote the club this season. Area auto new comes as no cost to the club so it was agreed to utilize that. We plan to continue the services of Alan Ward with his photography and write ups as he is available to do so. We are considering the Speedway Scene magazine depending on cost to the club. 600 scene page on Facebook as well as The Valley News, if you have further recommendations, feel free to pass them on to John Scarborough as he has volunteered to take the lead on our media exposure.

The board has unanimously agreed that our web page is looking a little stale. We are going to go through and update the web page along with an updated layout, keep an eye out for these changes.

Social media is always a great way to promote the club, we will continue to utilize our Facebook page, Don't forget to share it on your walls to make sure all of your family and friends can see and "like" it in order to stay up to date both during the off season as well as during race reason. We are hoping to be able to post live updates during each event as well as have more activity to share/remind everyone of upcoming events and important information.

John Scarborough was able to get the club set up through this is an online service that is free to the club and only standard text message rates apply to club members. This program will send you text messages updating you of any canceled or delayed events at both Bear Ridge and Legion speedway. We are also able to utilize this service to send out quick reminders to all club members as well. Not everyone has Facebook or access to the internet at all times, just another quick and easy way for each of you to know the status of the event without having to sit around wondering if we will be racing or not. The link to sign up for this will be put on our Facebook page as well as the website.

The club has decided to purchase an easy up and table for each of the tracks. These will serve two purposes. One will be for drivers to sign in but the other will be for a place to take victory lane photos with the O'Reilly banner being the full background. O'Reillys is our primary sponsor and we want to make sure that their name is being fully promoted each and every week.

One of the main focuses that we, as a club, want to do is bring back the fan interaction. Each week we will have programs printed out with previous week feature winners as well as other write ups such as driver highlights and previous race highlights. Along with this we will be tossing souvenirs into the crowd. We will have 2-4 drivers each week signing autographs and tossing out souvenirs. We will also be promoting an individual driver each week which will include having your car displayed at the entrance for a short period of time before the night begins.

At sign in, we will be requesting volunteers. If we do not receive enough volunteers then we will have to assign drivers to do this. We as a club need to work together and each and every one of us need to be actively promoting the club. If we are having the same drivers each and every week tossing souvenirs and displaying their cars, this doesn't promote the club as a whole, only select individuals. Every driver is an important part of the club, you are what makes this club what it is, we want to make sure each driver is being promoted so we will keep track of who is helping with this so there is a fair rotation of all drivers.

There were questions regarding the definition of an event. After review of the rule book, we can see how this may have been confusing and we will be updating the rule to be clearer.

The board approved the motion to purchase a "pelican" case for the tech tools.

The beginning stages of alternate engine options took place. Upon consideration, the board has decided to modify and allow opportunities in order to help further test engine options as well as attempt to further utilize the 250cc engine option as well.

  • There will be a 25lb weight break for anyone running a 250cc engine.
  • The board has approved a trial engine option for two specific cars. This option is NOT being extended to the entire club as this time, as we are in the beginning stages of testing additional option engines. Sean Beinhaur and Adam Trott will be testing an alternate engine on their cars. They will not be receiving ANY points or trophies for their finishes. The progress of this testing will be monitored and continuously evaluated by the board.
  • ┬áThe method of how we arrange line ups for both heat races and features was discussed. We would like to see the heats count and impact the features more. It was discussed as random draw for heat races and then potential redraw a specific number for the feature. This is another topic in the beginning states and we will be further discussing this at the next meeting.

    If you have any ideas or opinions regarding any of the topics we have discussed, feel free to contact any of the board members or your members at large. We value the input of our entire club members as we wouldn't exist without all of you. I hope everyone is enjoying their off season, we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.



    GSMSRC is recommending the use of neck restraints. Rick Balla is able to get discounts on various neck restraint systems. If interested please Contact Rick at 603.398.2027.


    Legion Speedway Track Conditions


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