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Granite State Mini Sprint Board Meeting 2/11/18

Posted 2018-02-26 at 23:20

Mike called the meeting to order at 10:15am

Annie gave the treasure's report. All billing is up to date, but waiting to hear from Allan Ward about schedules and the Championship collages. Dick motioned to accept the report, Troy 2nd motion was accepted.

Lisa read the secretaries report. Adam motioned to accept, Dick 2nd the motion was accepted.

Old business:

New engine language... Dick made a motion to accept the engine language that Robb suggested. Eric 2nd, the motion was accepted.

Troy suggested that the term of membership be changed to election to election. Lisa and Annie both stated that it would be much easier for record keeping and number assignments. Annie motioned to change the terms of membership to election to election Lisa 2nd the motion was accepted.

We discussed number assignments, and how many numbers have been taken and held in limbo for a year with no one using them, when they could be used by someone that is active and racing. Adam made a motion to remove the one year grace period with car numbers. Dick 2nd and the motion was accepted.

Annie motioned to have a maximum of 5 members at large on the board, Adam 2nd and the motion was accepted.

The board went over the proposed rulebook and found some errors, omissions, and grammar problems. There was no $ amount for a 600cc tear down. After much discussion Eric made a motion to set the 600cc tear down cost at $1,000, Dick 2nd the motion and the motion was accepted.

Tech sheets should be ready in a week or so. The board discussed a few items that must be listed on the tech sheets: Fire suits can NOT have any rips or tears in them, belts must be in good condition not rips or tears and not HEAVILY soiled with grease and oil. Tech stickers... do they have to be fancy and costly or can we print some ourselves. Also having 2 tech stations at practice day and drivers/owners must bring the cars to the tech inspectors.

At this point the board took a short break.

Meeting resumed at 12:16pm

The Rutland car show is April 7th and 8th. Cars must go into the mall on April 6th at 9pm and cannot leave until April 8th at 5pm. The show is in support of March of Dimes (? Mike was unsure, but this is the organization previous years.) And is a $25 donation per car. If anyone is interested please reach out to Mike Pittman.

April 28th Legion has their car show and practice day.

April 28th Bear Ridge also has their car show and practice day. Car show is held at Fire Side.

Mike received an email from a 600 stock club that is trying to start a New England series, and asked if we may have any interest. After reviewing their rules Mike stated that they are not stock and are far from what our rules are. He declined, and let them know he did not think anyone would have interest.

Troy brought up exterior lights on cars. He said there were a few people that complained that they were a distraction. Annie made a motion to add to the rulebook under another bullet point "lights" that cars shall not have any unnecessary exterior lights. Dick 2nd the motion and the motion was accepted.

Possible practice day schedule: April 22nd!
TECH! 9am to 11am
General meeting noon time in the grandstands… grab some grub and attend the meeting.
TRACK OPENS! Following General meeting.

Track handouts will be done the same as last year... Lisa will update and print for Bear Ridge races, and we will tag onto the Legion handouts.

Next board meeting will be at the race museum in Concord on March 18th starting at 10am

Followed by another board meeting on April 15th at Tip Top Tire starting at 10am

Adam motioned to adjourn the meeting, Troy 2nd and the meeting was adjourned

Rulebook updates are in progress!

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GSMSRC is recommending the use of neck restraints. Rick Balla is able to get discounts on various neck restraint systems. If interested please Contact Rick at 603.398.2027.


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