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Bear Ridge Track Conditions


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Save the date!!!

October 24th will be the date of the O'Reilly's Auto Parts Granite State Mini Sprint end of the year banquet and annual meeting. Invitations will be coming in a few weeks!

August 15th and 16th Double Headers

Images courtesy of Alan Ward - Big Al's Photography

Special thanks to all the competitors that showed up to race this weekend! We had the largest 600cc car count of the season at Bear Ridge Speedway with 10, even with the significant rain delay. Sunday was a bit different in the weather as it was a beautiful day and evening for racing. Sunday, again had a bit more cars than usual. It was great to see and hopefully we will see this continue for the rest of the year.

The rain delay on Saturday night prohibited us from running the heats. But even with the shortened race card the racing was nothing short of phenomenal in both divisions. There was a ton of passing throughout the both divisions with massive wheel to wheel racing. With the track next to perfect Kyle Belliveau was able to hold of the challenges of Tim Beard, Troy Boissoneau, Ben Bachand and Matt Seymour to take the win.

The 500 division saw a repeat winner in Matt Hoyt it was anything but easy for him. Sean Bienhaur and Kyle Pittman easily had their best night of racing as they led the pack for most of the night. Kyle ended up finding some bad luck getting into a collision with Tom Chaffee who blew a motor in front of him. With only few laps remaining an untimely caution came out bringing Sean Bienhaur back to the pack and Mr. Hoyt was poised in second place to challenge for the lead. The pass was made quickly as he took a quick lead to win the feature.

Sunday saw some great racing yet again with repeating winners from Saturday night. Both Kyle Belliveau and Matt Hoyt won their respective features. The 500 feature saw 16 cars start only to have 6 finishes due to many accidents. The track was in great shape allowing for many racing grooves. The racing was intense as drivers were diving here and there for an open spot. Unfortunately, many of those spots closed quickly as cars were being towed back to the pits all too often.

The 600 division had some very good racing continue from Saturday night into Sunday. Tim Beard fought hard for the lead with Kyle Belliveau for quite a few laps. Once Tim got the lead he was able to stretch the lead out only to have the car break leaving the victory to Kyle. Toward the back of the pack there was some good racing with rookie Peter Belliveau and points leader Tony Shaw as they went back and forth for most of the race.

Our next race will be at Legion Speedway August 30th. We will make up the feature from July 19th then move onto the regular night of racing. Hope to you there!!!

Bear Ridge Speedway finishes:
500cc					600 cc
1.  Matt Hoyt				1.  Kyle Belliveau
2. Sean Bienhaur			2.  Tim Beard
3. Robert Griffin			3.  Ben Bachand
4. Brent Warren				4.  Troy Boissoneau
5. Ben Bachand				5.  Matt Seymour
6. Shawn King				6.  Tony Shaw
7. Brian King				7.  Allison Journey
8. Eddie Puffinburger			8.  Peter Belliveau
9. Keisha Boissoneau			9.  Nathan Patrick
10. Tanner Siemons 			10.  Austin Marceau
11. Troy Boissoneau			
12. Kyle Pittman
13. Adam Trott
14. Colby Beinhaur 

Legion Speedway Finishes:
500 cc					600 cc
1. Matt Hoyt				1.  Kyle Bealliveau
2. Eddie Puffinburger			2.  Ben Bachand
3. Kyle Belliveau			3.  Tony Shaw
4. Adam Trott				4.  Peter Belliveau
5. Sean Bienhaur			5. Tim Beard
6. Colby Bienhaur			DNS Nathan Patrick
7. Chris Taylor				DNS Troy Boisoneau
8. Keisha Boissoneau			
9. Shawn King
10. Kyle Pittman
11. Robert Griffin
12. Tanner Siemons
13. Joe Kemp
14. Ben Bachand
15. Brent Warren


2014 champions!
Congratulations to the two new champions:
Toby "The Tornado" Tatro in the 600cc's

and Chris Carbee of the 500cc's.

Also, Congratulations to the rookie of the year in the 600cc Kyle Belliveau and Matt Hoyt in the 500cc.

Thank you to everyone for a great season!!


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Legion Speedway Track Conditions



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2014 500cc Champ

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