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Bear Ridge Track Conditions



Pittman and Herbert Winners in Len West Memorial

Posted 2017-06-19 at 08:46

The O'Reilly Auto Parts Granite State Mini Sprint Club was all set for the Len West Memorial Doubleheader weekend but Mother Nature had other plans with Friday Nights' action at Legion Speedway washed out by rain, leaving just Saturday night action at The Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, VT

The 500cc Main Event was first up with the #45 of Eric Relation and the #60 of Kyle Pittman comprising the front row. When the green flew Kyle Pittman sized the lead and held it for the entire race to take a convincing victory. While Pittman may have led the entire event it was still a highly entertaining affair as the battle for second back had positions being swapped every lap. Ed Vickery in his #48 settled into second early in the feature and even made a brief run at leader Pittman. At the halfway point of the feature Vickery was still second but was starting to fade a little. Will Pinkham Jr, who started in the tenth position in his #54, arrived in third a little before halfway and set his sights on Vickery. While Pinkham Jr was stalking Vickery the #6 of Ken Stridsburg was the man on the move, catching Pinkham Jr for third with five laps to go and then rocketing by Vickery the next lap to move to second, bringing Pinkham Jr with him to third. That is how they ran the last four laps with Kyle Pittman taking his first win of the year with Ken Stridsburg second and Will Pinkham Jr third. Ed Vickery held on for fourth with Tyler Vickery in the #46 fifth.

Dick Lamotte in the #18 sat on the pole for the 600cc event with John Mills in his #83 starting to his outside. Shortly after the green flag flew Zach Herbert in the #14 made a bold move to sweep into the lead, a spot he would hold for the rest of the race. Lamotte and Mills ran in the top three for an extended period of time until Mills spun, causing a yellow. On the restart Herbert pulled away from the #7 of Drew Eldridge as a battle between Lamotte and last week's winner Tony Shaw in the #20 raged for third with Shaw eventually securing the spot. While the battle for third ensued John Mills was working his way back toward the front passing both Lamotte and Shaw late in the race to secure third spot. At the checkers it was Zach Herbert for the win with Drew Eldridge second and John Mills third. Tony Shaw was fourth with Kyle Pittman in the #9 also making a late race pass to secure fifth

Heat Race wins went to Kyle Pittman and Matthew Collins in the 500cc's with John Mills winning the 600cc Heat.

The O'Reilly Auto Parts Granite State Mini Sprints return to action again July 8th at The Bear Ridge Speedway.

Images courtesy of Alan Ward

Lap Times (500cc):




Lap Times (600cc):


Unofficial Results, Bear Ridge Speedway, June 17th 2017
500cc Class
1.  Kyle Pittman
2.  Ken Stridsburg
3.  Will Pinkham Jr
4.  Ed Vickery
5.  Tyler Vickery
6.  Eric Relation
7.  Riley Chaffee
8.  Owen Carbee
9.  Eddie Puffingburger
10. Brain Lakin
11. Nate Martell
12. Matthew Collins
13. Brandon Caron
14. Adam Cunningham-DNS
15. Terry Balla-DNS
600cc Class
 1. Zach Herbert
 2. Drew Eldridge
 3. John Mills
 4. Tony Shaw
 5. Kyle Pittman
 6. Dick Lamotte
 7. Adam Cunningham
 8. Andy Badger

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